The Kia Picanto will be coming soon with a 99bhp turbocharged motor, why you ask is this important news? Well, small, fun hatchbacks are in short supply these days. The majority of small hatches usually get around 70bhp or less and that’s your lot.

Warmed Up Hatchback Goodness

When you consider a full-fat hot hatchback will cost you north of £25,000 upwards in 2017 the alternative is a warmed-up version of a small hatchback. Kia thankfully is going to give us their warmed up Picanto with a 1.0-litre motor with only three cylinders. This motor is lifted straight out of the Cee’d so the light kerb weight should give it a sub 10 second 0-62mph time adding to the fun factor stakes, add to this an involving chassis setup and on paper at least it all comes together.

This Or A Renault Twingo GT?

This blown Picanto will be going up against the excellent Renault Twingo GT and not a whole lot else as car makers don’t seem to be offering anything else at the moment in this bracket which is a real shame as we once had rich pickings with the likes of the previous generation Twingo GT and the VW Lupo GTi which are now long dead.

Prices are hoped to be below the £14,000 mark which is a great move by Kia for what should be a riotous little car.