Ken Block is already well know for turning things all the way up to 11 with his famed Gymkhana videos that feature some of the greatest stunt work ever laid to film.

You may remember Block’s Hoonicorn Mustang from Gymkhana 7, this 1966 Mustang was cannibalised and re-built to give it a 845hp V8 and four-wheel drive amongst many other changes, turns out that 845hp wasn’t enough for Ken who decided to add even more power.


Welcome to the Hoonicorn V2 as revealed on Block’s Facebook page today, what’s new, try new huge turbochargers which are so big they don’t even fit into the car, add methanol injection and you get around 1,400hp which is a huge and massive number indeed.


Here is a walkaround of the Hoonicorn V2:

When is too much power, well, too much, possibly here but if anyone can tame this thing on film then Block is the man for the job, he also commented that the V2 may need a small bit of ‘tuning’ as the power delivery is a bit insane. The confirmation that this thing is insane is about as obvious as the fact that the sun will rise in the morning.

As for that sound, oh my, if this is the last thing you hear, then you shall shuffle off your mortal coil happy knowing that you got to hear the V2 just once, you need to listen to it, while admiring its cooking skills:

The Hoonicorn V2, kind of like Spinal Tap in Mustang form, turned all the way up to 11.

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