Keanu Reeves, Hollywood superstar and well versed all round nice guy. Most recently seen in the excellent John Wick (which was a bit of a car movie with a lot of shooting) and the oddity that was Knock Knock.

In the current times of those lucky enough to be in the acting profession being obsessed with the ownership of many supercars to the point of a collection you may well be interested to know that Reeves has only owned one car (alongside a large collection of motorcycles) since finding fame & fortune in Hollywood.


Yes, you did read that correctly, he has owned one car up until the point where it was stolen never to be seen again.

The Porsche 911 Carrera 4S (type 993) was Reeves car of choice for many years, named by the actor as ‘The Sled’ the car combined a manual transmission and black paintwork with the classic air-cooled 3.6-liter M64 engine.

This 911 Carrera 4S served Reeves well as a daily driver as he simply used it for everything including Christmas tree collection (pictured below) and allegedly knocking over photographers who were stupid enough to get in the way (The case in question was decided for Reeves).


Whilst there are internet purists who baulked at Reeves use of the car for well everything and anything you may need to do in daily life, the actor confessed to driving his 911 how it should be used “I used any excuse to head up PCH (Pacific Coast Highway) onto the great canyon roads”.

During a period away filming the 911 Carrera 4S was stolen undoubtedly to be stripped down and sold off for parts as an unworthy fate. Given the growing rarity of good air-cooled 911’s it’s hard to think about what happened to the car but to date, there are no reports of the car or indeed its parts being found.


After a period of mourning Reeves decided it was time for a new car and he duly approached the Porsche Customer Consultation centre located in Beverly Hills.

Wenn Keanu Reeves nicht gerade mit seinem 911 Carrera 4S unterwegs ist, hat er eines seiner Arch Motorräder, die er mit seinen Partnern entwickelt hat und die er bald in Serienproduktion auf den Markt bringen will.

The 911 of choice was a 2014 Carrera 4S (type 991). During the process of buying the car, Reeves enquired about discrete cosmetic modifications to suit his individual wishes. Items include black anodized interior trim panels and a 12-o’clock marker on the steering wheel. The car also features a 7-speed manual gearbox and black bodywork finished with two tone 5-spoke wheels.

In these times when many celebrities chose to spend their considerable wealth on several cars and tasteless modifications Reeves should be applauded for choosing a discrete tastefully finished 911 (with a manual as well!) that in reality is a car for life.