Jon Olsson’s methods of modifying his cars are well known, purchase a super fast car, add more power, individual modifications to suit his daily life, such as a roof box for his actual day job as a freeskier, add a winter camouflage wrap and good to go.

After the sale and then the sad demise of his awesome Audi RS6 DTM, Olsson was quoted at the time as saying the time was right to let the RS6 go as he wanted to move onto another project, well now that project has arrived, say hello to his new Lamborghini Huracan “2017 Winter Transporter”.

jon-olsson-huracan-camoflage-4 jon-olsson-huracan-camoflage-3

No widebody kit this time around because Olsson didn’t want to “mess too much with new suspension geometry”, what this Huracan does get is a VF Engineering supercharger kit fitted by Stertman Motorsport, power output, 800bhp, just let that sink for a second, 800bhp, there I said it again, has it sunk in yet. All of this insane power did propel the car from 62 mph to 124mph in a staggering 5.3 seconds, this time was taken during testing before the car was fully optimised, so expect it to be slightly quicker now.

jon-olsson-huracan-camoflage-3 jon-olsson-huracan-camoflage-6

The soundtrack of the Huracan has also been improved thanks to the install of an Akrapovic exhaust system, you have to watch the Vlog as Olsson makes the car sing as he travels through the mountains on his maiden drive to Italy, just a sound of utter magnificence, the hills are alive with the sound of Lamborghini as it sounds immense.

Gone are the ceramic brakes, replaced with more snow friendly steel versions, the suspension has been tuned and lowered via K&W coilovers, lastly the signature roof box, this is a partly designed by Olsson himself along with 56Nord.

jon-olsson-huracan-camoflage-7 jon-olsson-huracan-camoflage-2

As with previous Olsson cars, the Huracan will be used every day, according to his blog, Olsson confirms he will “drive it every day in Monaco and to ski resorts around Europe all winter long.”

If there was an honour for services to supercars then arise Sir Jon Olsson as you have earned it.