Jeremy Clarkson is well known for his lack of knowledge when it comes to the ‘interweb’, given that his way of fixing anything usually involves a hammer and fire, possibly a tank of some sort which will be followed by an explosion and then some shouting, should we expect anything less, of course not.

Clarkson has found Twitter in recent years and has amassed a whopping 6.4 million followers, everyone of them hanging on his every tweet, these usually take the form of arguing with his fellow Grand Tour presenters which is OK with us, as this is what you could refer to as entertainment.

Now it appears that Clarkson has discovered Instagram as well, so far he has a mere 298k followers, the reason for this lack of followers, is, well, I suspect due to his Inst feed being very, how can I phrase it, very un-Clarkson esque, filled with many random shots of sky which are taken in many exotic locations, or could merely be anywhere at all, as most of them contain little if no details whatsoever.

Take this wonderful shot of some sky:

By special request: Johannesburg

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Some of Wales anyone?


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As for this one, what on earth

Ooh I'm having a busy day

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Puppies anyone:

For sale: some dogs.

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Finally, some Grand Tour presenters:

I'm not sure what so say about this

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Clarkson’s Instagram, whilst hilarious in places due to his rather boringly funny pictures, is kind of like your Dad discovering the internet and then finding Instagram, but not really getting it, if you know what I mean.

Clarkson himself barely appears in any of the pictures, to be honest I am unsure if he is being serious with these uploads or just having a laugh at the world’s expense, whatever the reasons, please keep up the good work Mr Clarkson, you make non-internet people look internet savvy by a long way.