If Jeremy Clarkson was to change careers and move into the demolition business you could imagine that he wouldn’t have a bulldozer in sight, just piles and piles of explosives is all he would need to raze things to the ground.

When it comes to the demolition of his own house, Clarkson employed the explosive tactic as you would expect him to, according to the Telegraph, Clarkson was given permission demolish his five-bedroom farmhouse, in its place will be a shiny and brand-new, 12,173 sq-ft home on the plot of land Clarkson has named “Diddly Squat Farm.”

Thankfully Clarkson considered his neighbours when planning this explosive event, those located within a half mile f his home received letters warning them about the impending blast, they also heard a number of explosions the following day. Some of the neighbours spoke to the Telegraph confirming the explosive events:

One neighbour, 44, who spotted the pile of rubble, said, “It’s just typical Clarkson isn’t it? Any normal person would get in people to take it apart conventionally, but he blows it up. He blew up the entire house. All that’s left is a huge pile of Cotswold stone.”

Another neighbour, who saw the explosion, said, “All you could see was gray smoke each time they blew part of it up, but it was very loud in my house…They started blowing it up about 3:15 p.m. and finished around 4:10 p.m….There was a funeral being held at the village at 2:30 p.m., which was still on when the explosions started.

The Telegraph did also confirm that The Grand Tour was reportedly filing in the area coinciding with the explosion, maybe this will feature in a future episode, maybe not, we would like to think that this was Hammond and May’s way of finally getting revenge on their colleague after many years of suffering jibes at his hands.

Here is some Clarkson blowing things up, just for you, because I am nice like that:

Either way, Clarkson loves explosions and what a way to demolish a house……