As usual Monaco is the place to be if you’re into hypercar spotting. Most recently Lewis Hamilton’s blue Mclaren P1 was sighted in the principality.

Perhaps feeling slightly left out or in order to drive a car that will actually finish a race and dare I say out pace the current MP4-30 F1 car, Jenson Button has taken delivery of this stunning dark grey Mclaren P1:


I am thinking that he maybe ordered it based on the color scheme of the current F1 car. Either way I think we can all agree that it looks stunning in the metal.


To date I have not sighted one of this color and would love to see him line it up next to Lewis Hamilton’s P1 outside the casino in Monaco.


We can only hope that Button get’s some time to drive his P1 given for the packed 2015 F1 calendar.


Button has been well reported on owning some great cars including a Honda NSX  & an S2000 but perhaps most famously for selling his 1,500 mile Bugatti Veyron for a mere 900k no less.

Hat tip to Autogespot