The 1989 Nissan Sunny truck is not really a thing that would usually inspire me to even click an internet link let alone inspire me to write an actual article about it but this particular truck frankly looks awesome.


Currently this example resides in the great state of Virginia USA at Japanese Classics LLC having been imported all the way from Japan and now available as it exceeds the US’s strict import laws having now aged more than 25 years since rolling off the production line in the land of the rising sun way back in 1989.


This Sunny truck has undergone a partial restoration with light modifications including the stealth gray paint work. Here I have to say less is more, from the black painted steelies to the virtual stock interior it all looks amazing to me.


I mean wing mounted rear view mirrors!!!!….These are the most awesome thing ever… I only wish they could still fit these to a 2013 Ford Focus but due to pedestrian safety restrictions I doubt it and also they would look a bit shit to be honest on anything else other than this truck.


Front bumper mounted aerial anyone?, again one of the many fantastic little details of this truck.


This engine bays shows what we lose out on in today’s modern rides, as in plastic covers everywhere as manufacturers are determined that you will not alter there finest work or mess with it in anyway. This Japanese flat work on the air filter is simply stunning.


A simple yet effective stock looking interior greets you inside with a 4 speed manual gearbox exactly as it rolled out of the factory in 1989.


The only downside for me personally that instead of being grey imported to the UK from Japan so I can buy it for myself this truck is now in Virginia USA where hopefully it will find a loving home.

A great classic I hope you agree.