The DailyMail took great pleasure today in reporting that former Top Gear host James May stated that he was ‘very chuffed’ that Chris Evans has quit BBC Top Gear.

While filming in Italy the Grand Tour hosts tweeted that they would be arriving in the Piazza Dei Signori in Vicenza, cue a large crowd of fans turned up to greet the ‘GT’ stars and their brilliant car choices, however, a rather idiotic DailyMail reporter chose this opportunity to ambush James May in the convertible Rolls Royce by shouting the question regarding Evans Top Gear departure to which May responded that he was ‘Very Chuffed’ at the news.

The truth is that he was simply saying he was ‘Very Chuffed’ at the large crowd that had gathered to greet him and his colleagues.

While other rumours are credited at coming out of the ‘GT’ camp we won’t repeat them here, as like the Mail story they are complete and utter bollocks.

Well done DailyMail a new low for journalism even by your standards.

The ‘GT’ hosts had this to say via Twitter:

Also Clarksons co-host correctly identified his Aston Martin as being Brown and not Orange: