Here in 2016 if you want an all-electric SUV you have the choice of a grand total of one, the Tesla Model X, this a great looking car with its gull-wing doors and its sleek lines honed in Silicon Valley.

Now, thanks to the industrious Brits there is another way, the Jaguar I-Pace Concept. Unveiled in LA today, the I-Pace is something that Jaguar are actually going to build, not just a fancy dan concept showing what we could have, it shows us what we can have at some point in 2018.


Designed by Ian Callum, Jaguar’s vision for an all-electric futuristic car is a stunning looking one at that, expect some changes to the final production model if Jaguar actually wants normal people to buy it, but I expect that the final production model will be pretty close to this concept.

The design clearly stays true to the current Jaguar ethos, it echoes the F-Pace which in itself is a clear relative of the stunning F-Type, the signature front grille is thankfully present and a key feature at the front of the car, the low roofline gives the car a fast moving look, even when stationary, all this gives the I-Pace a low drag coefficient of just 0.29. The huge wheels and that magnificent roof-mounted spoiler just finish the I-Pace with a stunning yet strongly aggressive look that is currently unrivalled.

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The I-Pace is also not just all show and no go, the power comes from a 90kWh lithium-ion battery pack, mounted in the floor of the car, all this power goes to twin electric motors. The range is 220 miles, all this electric trickery gives you 400hp and a huge 516 lb-ft of torque all available from the moment you mash the fun pedal into the floor. Zero to 60mph is dispensed in around four seconds meaning the big cat can run with the best of them.


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Jaguar also claims that the I-Pace can be charged to 80% capacity in around 90 minutes using a typically available 50 KW DC public charging system, these are very strong numbers when you remember this is Jaguar’s first proper attempt at an electric car for mass production.

But even more impressive to me is the quoted charge time, which Jaguar says happens fully in just two hours using a typical public 50 KW DC charging network. Not bad at all.

You can expect the final production model to be unveiled in 2017 with the first cars whirring stheir way onto the roads in 2018.

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