If you want a Jaguar F-Type then you have a choice of either a V6 or the rampaging V8 motor, until now that is, as Jaguar has unveiled an all new four-cylinder version. Yes, you read that correctly, a four-pot motor in an F-type.

Four-Cylinder Power

This four-pot though is not the normal engine you’d find in one of Jaguar’s saloon cars, it’s an all-new version of Jaguar’s 2.0-litre petrol Ingenium engine, producing a substantial 297bhp. This slots it as the entry level version of the F-Type range under the V6 powered model.

Capable of 0-62mph in a swift 5.4 seconds which is where things get interesting, the V6 engine which completes the dash in 5.5 seconds is therefore 0.1 seconds slower. Who said downsizing was dead.

Weight Saving

The new smaller unit is lighter than the V6 equivalent, 52kg lighter to be precise, think of it as losing an entire passenger from the weight of the car almost. All of this weight loss should equal sharper cornering, given that there is now less weight over the front wheels. The V8 supercharged R model that I’ve driven is no slouch in the corners either, so expect this model to be as nimble.

Jaguar have also confirmed that this entry level model is cleaner and more economical, you get a combined fuel consumption number of 39.2mpg, add to this the CO2 emissions number of 163g/km and it all looks a very attractive package when you consider the point that the F-Type is one of the best looking cars you can buy in the UK today.

The Soundtrack

Now for the burning question, Jaguar has provided one of the great soundtracks in their F-Type R AWD model, can that be replicated or even get close to the audible pleasure by a four-cylinder engine? Jaguar has assured us that the car has been tuned to deliver the renowned F-Type sound; we will have to wait and see how accurate this is when I get to drive the thing.

Do you want one? It goes on sale later this year in coupe and drop-top versions, no manual has been specified so, for now, it comes with the eight-speed auto box. Entry price is £49,900 which is a £3k plus saving on the V6 model.