Prices for sought after classic cars have been escalating in recent years, take the BMW M3 E30 as an example, £50,000 is now the average cost of entry for a loved but well-used example. Now the same thing appears to be happening to the rare but sought after Toyota Corolla GT AE86.

Initial D Drifter

The Corolla AE86 is the standard kit of the Japanese drifter, it was the hero car in the Initial D anime cartoon series. It has been a drifter favorite for many years with most cars getting the drift treatment in some way or form.

This means that original cars are hard to come by, add to this the rarity of the AE86 and you can see the prices escalating from a mile off. According to HowManyLeft there are 41 coupe examples on the roads of the UK making it ultra rare.

Now, this pristine all original example with just 32,000 miles on the clock is for sale, the entry fee for this car though is £34,900, which is a hell of a lot of money for a bone-stock 30-year-old Toyota.

Hardly Been Driven For 30 Years

First registered in 1986 and having been kept by the previous owner since 1990, this AE86 has covered just over 1,000 miles a year since it rolled out of the factory. The mileage is confirmed as verified and it’s an original UK car.

Featuring a 123bhp 1.6litre motor the AE86 is hardly going to set your world alight with speed, what it will do though is give you a throwback everytime you get behind the wheel with that all original retro-tastic cloth interior.

Got £35k burning a hole in your pocket and an AE86 shaped hole in your life? Get yourself down to MyNextCar in Bedfordshire and all your Initial D dreams can come true.