Hyundai has given us a taste of what to expect from its upcoming i30 N. The Korean company is taking aim straight for the hot hatch establishment with this car, think Honda Civic Type R territory in terms of the power stakes.

The i30 N is shown being tested in our very own backyard, well, the UK to be precise. The clip confirms that Hyundai engineers were testing the in the UK due to the ‘unique’ roads we have here (read as terribly bumpy).

Nothing much can be seen of the actual design of the car, let alone how it’s going to be different from the standard model, this is due to the heavy level of camouflage applied to keep out those prying eyes.

What you do get from the clip is the sound the i30 N prototype makes, it sounds every inch a proper hot hatch, here’s to hoping that all that noise will make it to the production model. Also in the clip is a small amount of sideways action pointing to the fact that Hyundai appears to be engineering a car that could be huge fun on UK B-roads.

After all, the entire point of a hot hatch is that you can take it to some back roads and drive it a million miles an hour without actually breaking the limit.

Whilst some car fanatics may not find a Hyundai hot hatch arriving to the party to be all that exciting, I for one say, the more the better. After all why should all the established hot hatch brands have it all their own way.