Hyundai has announced that a team of very brave people driving a Santa Fe SUV has successfully crossed the continent of Antarctica, the first ever crossing by a passenger vehicle no less.

Antarctic Heritage

This humble SUV was driven by Patrick Bergel, the great-grandson of the famous Antarctic explorer Sir Ernest Shackleton. Hyundai has confirmed that the Santa Fe used was an almost standard 2.2 diesel model, the only changes made to the car were so it could sit on the huge, low-pressure tires.

To fit everything on the car, modified suspension and new subframes were fitted along with wheel arch extensions. A larger capacity fuel tank was also fitted along with a switchable system so the car could run Jet A-1 fuel. To avoid any icing issues a pre-heater was also fitted to prevent cold damage to either the engine or the fuelling/electronic systems.

30 Days Of Trekking

The expedition route covered a total of 3,600 miles over 30-days, average speed was 17mph which may not sound a lot, but when you consider the conditions, it is pretty fast.

When considering such a journey across such harsh terrain, the Santa Fe is not really an instant choice but well done to those involved, firstly for the actual achievement or completing the journey from the Union Glacier Camp on the inland South American side, to McMurdo on the coastal New Zealand side – and then for some reason back again as if as the journey wasn’t enough.

During this journey, the Santa Fe encountered floating ice shelves that moving constantly, the Antarctic summer would have helped slightly meaning that the coldest temperatures it had to contend with were a piffling minus 28 degrees celsius.

One to add to the list of ‘Cars Surprises’, as in where a car you never believed to be capable, completed an astonishing journey…..