The Ferrari 812 Superfast and the McLaren 720S have recently been unveiled to the world to huge amounts of virtual applauding from the internet.  When a carmaker reveals their new model, it usually means one thing, the online configurator will follow shortly afterwards.

Now, most carmakers won’t allow you limitless options when it comes to playing with your build online, for example, Ferrari doesn’t do pink, nope, not at all, not now, not ever.

What you can achieve though is a build that is either a throwback to a colour scheme from the last century or a car so horrid you can see the resale value dropping before your very eyes.

Ferrari 812 Superfast – Throwback(throwup) Edition

The 812 Superfast is not just fast by name, it’s also very fast in the real world thanks to its 789bhp V12 engine which propels it from 0-62 in 2.9 seconds. The question is can I build one that is so horrid that no one would want to buy it.

Firstly the exterior, Ferrari don’t do pink and they don’t do brown either so optional turd colouring is out. Therefore I shall go with ‘Verde British’ or ‘Green’ as us poor people know it. Green is fine if you own an Aston Martin, but not a Ferrari, no, don’t be silly.

Add to this a set of dark forged rims and what Ferrari refers to as ‘Giallo Modena’ brake callipers, or yellow as normal human beings refer to it. While you’re here get busy with the carbon-fiber parts, rear diffuser in carbon, yes please, interior parts in carbon, go on then.

Now for the interior and to give it that throwback look not seen since a BMW E39 rolled out of the factory in the mid 1990’s. Colour choice, there is only one, ‘Beige Tradizione’, add to this ‘Speciale Verde’ stitching and small matching green Ferrari logos for the headrests and it’s almost done. The finishing touches, of course, are the remainder of the interior, what to choose to compliment the light coloured seats, black? No, way too dark and dreary, ‘Cuoio’ carpets and matching door inserts, yes please. The final touches include a matching headliner, upper dashboard, boot carpets and matching rear shelf.

Now you have a Ferrari 812 Superfast that looks like it’s travelled back in time and had its colour scheme specced by a 75-year-old man. You can configure your terrible version here.

McLaren 720S – Any Colour But This

McLaren decided to raise the supercar benchmark a few more notches with the reveal of the all-new 720S. Sporting 710bhp and a 0-62 time of 2.9 seconds, the 720S is McLaren’s own vision of what a supercar should be. Unless I’m speccing it of course, as then it all goes to crap, literally speaking.

The paint scheme I have chosen is referred to as ‘Bourbon’ or simply brown as it’s known.  Add to this carbon fiber parts for every conceivable part of the bodywork that you didn’t know you could change and you have a car so worthless that no one will ever buy it.

Combine the brown paint with 10-Spoke Super-Lightweight wheels in ‘Stealth’ colour and things don’t get any better. McLaren will also let you choose a package referred to as the ‘Stealth’ pack, this doesn’t give you any actual form of invisibility of any kind, it merely adds stealth effect to the exhaust finishers, heat shields and a whole host of other parts I won’t bother to name.

Regardless, if anyone is silly enough to spec their 720S in this colour scheme then they need serious help, if they do then it will be worthless and they will have no friends because they chose a McLaren and then chose to ruin it by painting it brown. If you want a brown McLaren then you can do it here.

So, can you do any worse with these online configurators? Let us know in the comments.