Alex Roy is one of those people who in cartoon character form would be exactly the same as in the real world; he’d just simply be Alex Roy endlessly travelling off on his wacky adventures around the globe. Roy however, is not just a mere cartoon character who’s a cross between a bond villain and a wacky races driver; he is a highly focused and dedicated driver who has gone in pursuit of and actually achieved many records.

Coast To Coast Records

As chronicled in his book ‘The Driver’, in October 2006 Roy and co-driver David Maher broke the Cannonball coast to coast record with a time of 31 hours 04 minutes from New York City to Los Angeles (Santa Monica Pier to be precise). This record stood until October 2013 when a team led by Ed Bolian, along with co-driver Dave Black and Navigator Dan Huang set a time of 28 hours 50 minutes.

I fully expected Roy to have a crack at Bolian’s time, but instead (to my surprise) he has gone a different route by setting a number of new records including coast to coast in a Volvo, a Morgan 3-wheeler and the setting and subsequent breaking of his own electric car record in a Tesla Model S.

Manhattan Lap

The one record that was substantially chronicled in Roy’s book was the record run around Manhattan, Roy took his Audi S4 around the city in 27 minutes, all while hitting speeds of 144 mph and committing no less than 151 moving violations in the process. No footage has ever been released of this feat, but now, it appears that Roy has decided to give the Manhattan Lap another go. This time, however, he has left his M5 at home and taken the Morgan 3-Wheeler instead.


Rendezvous, New York. Coming soon. Follow @polizei144 for more updates #Polizei144

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#RendezvousNewYork is coming sooner than you think. Follow @polizei144 for more updates.

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Dubbed ‘Rendezvous New York’ Roy has given us a few short clips via his own Instagram account stating that it’s “coming sooner than you think”. So, has Alex Roy set a new record for a 3-wheeler completing the Manhattan Lap. We shall have to wait and see, finally though, it appears his significant scarf collection came in handy…