The Porsche 911R was recently launched to critical acclaim despite the fact that no one could actually buy one, the plaudits hailed the inclusion of a fabulous six-speed manual gearbox as opposed to the PDK found in its sibling the GT3 RS, as a moment of victory for proper drivers, a moment when we the drivers were given the control of our own destiny back, we can change gear for ourselves without crashing.

Now this giving control back is to continue with the next-gen Porsche 911 GT3, according to Andreas Preuninger, head of Porsche’s GT program:

“We had a GT3 manual test car left and we all loved it. The manual still had many positive sides. So we took the spoiler off the test car, added some lightweight stuff, some stripes and a classic interior. At this point, I took it to the chairman. He liked it, but we had no engineering capacity so only started work 13 months ago. That’s a short time, so I insisted on all the decision making and a long, long leash from the board.”

Porsche have clearly worked it out here, a track day special with a PDK is great, but it’s simply not enough to keep the hardcore track day enthusiasts happy, unless you’re the laziest track day racer ever and cannot be bothered to change gear at all, either this or your too scared to remove your hand from the steering wheel due to fear of a fiery death and instant annihilation.

During Preuniger’s chat with Autocar he also revealed some very interesting information about the Porsche’s being unleashed in the next few years:

  • The next GT3 will get the 911R’s six-speed manual gearbox as an option
  • The next GT3 RS will not get the six-speed manual gearbox as an option
  • Porsche 911s with “GT” in the name will remain naturally-aspirated, except for the GT2, obviously
  • The next Cayman GT4 will have a six-cylinder motor, as in it won’t follow the 718 into 4-cyclinder territory
  • If the reaction is strong and it will be, Porsche will have to find a way to produce cars like the 911R in the future without an R badge.

There you have it, hell yeah as they say if you’re a Porsche fan or a fan of driving, thanks Porsche for being uber-cool and giving the control back to the people………