The recipe is a simple one, add one Ken Block, one Ford Focus RS-RX, one semi-abandoned location with plenty of things to drift around, equals, Gymkhana Nine.

Block’s weapon of choice for Gymkhana Nine, the zebra livered 600 pony blue-oval, as fearsome as any of Block’s previous stable of cars, the RS-RX shreds its tyres with the best of them as it drifts and donuts its way around Buffalo, New York.

Spare a thought for these poor tyres, no wait, don’t its their job

The formula remains the same as previous Gymkhana’s, tyre-shredding insanity coupled with mind-blowing stunts, Gymkhana Nine, however, should be remembered as a standout moment for Block, the sheer level of death-defying stunts in this film is staggering.

The insane train stunt, really, you find yourself reaching for the rewind button (or your finger) just to make sure that what you’ve just seen is real.

Whilst the low moment is the hanging Ford pick-up truck, clearly product placement, but what a piece of product placement, it’s hanging from a helicopter whilst Block murders yet more tyres going in circles around it, I mean, epic is a good work for this.

The best Ford advert for any car ever?

We all live near an abandoned location like this, we all fantasise about hooning around it with abandon and without a care in the world, Block has done exactly that, dead industrial location, hoonage, equals an amazing film.

Gymkhana Nine has to be one of the standout films that Block has made, more insanity, more tyres killed, more near death with more epic driving. If you haven’t seen it, sit back, relax, if you have seen it, sit back relax and watch it again.