In the world GTA Online the Pegassi Infernus has been a mainstay within the game since launch, now Rockstar has given us the Infernus Classic to remind of the companies heritage.

The problem with heritage can be that cars of old can be somewhat deadly, attempting to complete a simple task such as turning a corner can be a near death experience; the Infernus Classic is no exception to this issue, as it cannot complete the simple task of turning left:

Derek Zoolander On Wheels 

Just like Derek Zoolander also struggles with this simple task, show the Infernus classic a left turn and prepare to take your life into your hands as you spin out wildly and crash into many things.

The GTA Community has worked out that the car suffers from a right-rear tire issue similar to having a flat tire, hence whenever a left if attempted, death and destruction ensues.

Expensive Way To Die

All this deadlyness comes at a price, $915,000 to be precise, which is a hell of a lot of cash just for the privilege of crashing all the time.

Rockstar has so far failed to fix the issue, but as today is update day, fingers crossed we get a fix so the car can be enjoyed rather than feared.

The Pegassi Infernus Classic, just like a Lamborgini of old in the looks department as well as the crashing and near-death experience department.