During Jeremy Clarkson’s time on Top Gear, execution’s were mentioned many times, Richard Hammond was once nominated for suggesting that the trio of presenters go camping, also rather memorably, Clarkson once did confirm his rather harsh method of dealing with striking transport workers “I would take them outside and execute them in front of their families”, harsh words, but fair if you have ever tried to get through London on a strike day.

Now as part of The Grand Tour, Clarkson himself could be the next to be executed, the new Amazon show will be visiting the Game of Thrones set as part of the upcoming debut season.

Hammond and May clearly planning the beheading of Clarkson

This is according to exec producer Andy Wilman, confirming that Clarkson will drive through the fantasy show’s set as a stunt during a yet to be confirmed episode of The Grand Tour.

No word yet on what this piece will contain or if any of the show’s stars will be involved, think of Peter DInklage stabbing Clarkson through the heart whilst Hammond and May deliver the final deadly blow of beheading.

Notably, I am certain that some of the many people, entire countries and organisations would be more than happy to see Clarkson beheaded, even if it is only for dramatic purposes.

The Grand Tour is still on pace for a debut this fall, but there’s still no official date yet.