Clarkson, Hammond and May are back in the first trailer for Amazon’s The Grand Tour, cue, a huge amount of stunning locations as the boys ‘Grand Tour’ the globe in search of automotive adventure.


The chemistry between the three presenters clearly remains, this trailer show that Clarkson, Hammond and May look unstoppable when working together, so, what can we see from this trailer, Clarkson looking as good as anyone in a linen suit while driving an Alfa 4C in the desert, May with a broken arm and Hammond driving a Dodge Challenger while being chased by a helicopter.

Also featured is an explosion from a tank round which must be from Clarkson, I mean, who else could it be.


We also get a brief glimpse of what to expect from the new studio section that is nothing like the old show that they cannot be similar too at all, this is what was missing from Top Gear, brilliance, which based on this trailer The Grand Tour will deliver in huge dollops.

The Grand debuts on Amazon Prime on November 18th, making the world a better place one episode at a time for twelve amazing weeks.