If like the rest of us you use traffic and copper avoiding navigation app Waze and you’re a fan of The Grand Tour, good news!

You can now have the soft warming tones of Clarkson, Hammond and May telling you where to go; this delight was announced by The Grand Tour’s twitter account:

Oddly enough the clip only features Clarkson and May; assumption is that Hammond couldn’t reach the microphone.

Also if you live in the UK then your shit out of luck so it seems as so far it’s only appearing on US versions of the Waze app, first you elect the American equivalent of Alan Sugar as President and now you keep The Grand Tour all to yourselves, thanks America.

Given the motley trios habit of arguing amongst themselves over many many things, can you really see yourself getting suitable guidance to actually get somewhere, this is how I can see it going:

Clarkson: Turn left and put your foot down, you drive like James May

May: No you idiot, turn right and slow down, I’m captain slow don’t you know

Hammond: No, you pair of total and utter idiots, pair of C***s you are, it’s clearly straight ahead and I’m right because a man stuck in the 1970’s and a knuckle dragging ape are totally and utterly f***ing wrong

You kind of get the picture, better off leaving the car at home and walking, or possibly staying in and watching The Grand Tour on Amazon Prime which launches this coming Friday 18 November.