Rejoice, Clarkson, Hammond and May are finally returning to your screen, tablet or Smartphone on 18th November. Yesterday, Amazon announced the airdate to the world via the first teaser trailer for the new show.

This short 30 second teaser gives a very brief taste of all the amazing things to come on The Grand Tour:

Here are four things that we gleaned from this trailer that you should be excited about:

This clip features a shot of not one but three Ferrari LaFerrari’s, why, we don’t really care as three of these hypercars has to be better than just the one, you know I am right.


The budget appears to be huge on the new Amazon show, just look at the cinematography work; it looks just magnificent, featuring amazing sweeping shots and top level camera work.  I mean we know the boys were budget constrained by the Beeb in later years but just look at it, you can see they have been spending their new budget wisely.

the-grand-tour-5 the-grand-tour-2 the-grand-tour-4

The Holy Trinity finally makes an appearance; this was one of the first sneak peak we were exposed to via Clarkson’s twitter account. This was almost a year ago now, judging by the unified power sliding of the three hypercars it looks like it will be worth the wait.


The Aston Martin Vulcan makes an appearance as well just to bring the level of hypercars to a new level never seen before.


The Grand Tour drops on 18th November 2016 via Amazon Prime Video, each of the 12 episodes will be released each following Friday thereafter. Roll on 18th November, it cannot come soon enough………