The Toyota Prius, a figurehead for the green brigade and also a figurehead of hate amongst people that actually love cars. Now, The Grand Tour has found a decent use for this eco-loving pompous mobile that is well known to induce large amounts of smugness and self righteousness from owners the world over.

That’s right, The Grand Tour has launched a static promotional worldwide display of crashed Prius’s for our pleasure:

Here is one crashed in London:

The only appropriate use for a #Prius. #thegrandtour. #amazonprime

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One dropped from a great height in Germany:

Yet another acceptable use for a Prius. #thegrandtour

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Finally the greatest ever entry into the Hollywood Walk of Fame:

Still more acceptable uses for a #Prius. #thegrandtour #amazonprime

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Given that the Prius is not even that environmentally friendly when you consider that its batteries require much planet destroying mining in order to get the materials out of the ground and into the actual car, meaning that the people that buy one of these things thinking they are saving the planet are actually mentalists, because lets be real, you cannot have an environmentalist without first adding the mentalist part.

The only good Prius is a crashed one, or a partially buried one sporting a Grand Tour logo……….