The recently unveiled III gotton gains update has finally rolled out to GTA online players this last weekend the newly available cars range in price from $195,000 in-game for the pimp-tastic Albany Virgo to a whopping $1,950,000 million for the Pegassi Osiris with it’s awesome gullwing doors.

Also a warning if your thinking of revenge on a fellow gamer by destroying their pride and joy, don’t blow up the Osiris. It’ll cost you at least $24,000 in insurance money alone if you decide to get vengeful on their ride.

Check out the images below showing the new rides you can spend your ill gotton gains on:

New muscle car, The Albany Virgo.

The Benefactor Stirling GT with gullwing doors.

The Enus Windsor with one of eight vehicle wraps based on the designers of Rockford Hills.

The Pegassi Osiris sports car.

Here are a selection of images taken in game once the update was live, courtesy of Rockstar: