Today Grand Theft Auto received a new and very large update called ‘Cunning Stunts’, this update has introduced officially stunt racing to the online world in a massive way.

Over a period of the next three weeks Rockstar have promised players several new stunt races culminating in the release of the ‘Stunt Race Creator’ on 2nd August, having been racing in GTA online for some time now I can tell you this is something that players have tried to create their own custom made races for some time with limited success.

The new update contains several new cars and motorcycles based on real-world racing counterparts; the prices for some are simply outrageous! However thankfully Rockstar has made a majority affordable for the average GTA online player.

Progen Tyrus

GTA Cunning Stunts 5

This car takes clear influence from both the Saleen S7 and McLaren F1 GTR Longtail, seen heavily in overall shape and front and back bodywork. The deep side, front vents, headlights and front overhang take inspiration from the McLaren F1 GTR LT. The entire underside of the vehicle features a carbon plated set-up.

The Tyrus also has butterfly doors similar to those found it’s McLaren based sibling the T20.

Lampadati Tropos Rallye

GTA Cunning Stunts 2

The car appears to be built by Lampadati as indicated by naming on the rear of the car. It also takes a strong influence from the Lancia Stratos rally edition, the pop-up head lights are a dead giveaway for this inspiration, additional rally spec lamps, and indicator lights positioned around the front grille.

The rear lights are similar to the Stratos’, The front arches of the car feature small intake ducts directly above the pop-up headlights for extra airflow. The front bumper and light unit is a spoiler featuring further livery logos. In place, a rear window is a set of rear louvres with the applied livery. The rear bonnet of the car also opens, to reveal the car’s carburetored V6 engine transverse layout.

The car also features wider rear wheels than those at the front for again taking cues from the Lancia Stratos.

The Tropos Rallye is the first vehicle to feature classic pop-up headlights in GTA V.

Grotti Brioso R/A

GTA Cunning Stunts 3

The car is small 2-door design based on the current Fiat 500, this can be seen more in the rear quarter section and the rear lights, essentially the Rockstar designers have taken the 500 Rallye and used slight influences from other cars such as the Suzuki Swift at the front end and possibly the WRC spec Mini John Cooper Works.

Obviously, it’s strongly based on a Fiat 500 throughout bearing a very strong resemblance to its real world counterpart.

Obey Omnis

GTA Cunning Stunts 4

Designed as a very compact rally car, showing the Obey (Audi) badge, this car is strongly based on the Audi Quattro S1 and the classic rally cars of the era such as the Metro 6R4 with parts such as the large range of extra body parts, including bolted window frames, splitters, a large spoiler, numerous front rally lights, vented hood and rear air flow exits.

The car has is a very compact design with small wheels, however, the car features a huge spoiler to compensate for downforce.

Vapid Desert Raid

GTA Cunning Stunts 1

Based on the Red Bull SMG Buggy, the Desert Raid is heavily influenced from angles by this truck, the front and rear lights are very similar, the roof air intake is further similar to the SMG buggy.

Featuring raised up suspension and huge thick tyres (if you chose the stock rims), the Desert Raid also features a rear intercooler, along with spare rally wheels enclosed in the truck bed itself. The front arches of the truck are broadly similar to the Jess James’ Trophy Truck which has featured at the famed Goodwood Festival of Speed.

In total 13 vehicles’ have been released in the cunning stunts update:


Annis RE-7B – $2,475,000

Emperor ETR1 – $1,995,000

Progen Tyrus – $2,550,000


Lampadati Tropos Rallye – $816,000

Obey Omnis – $701,000


Grotti Brioso R/A – $155,000


Vapid Desert Raid – $695,000

Vapid Trophy Truck – $550,000


Nagasaki BF400 – $95,000

Western Gargoyle – $120,000


Declasse Burger Shot Stallion – FREE

Vapid Pisswasser Dominator – FREE

Bravado Redwood Gauntlet – FREE