Ken Blocks 1965 Ford Mustang Hoonicorn is very well known around the world, featured in Block’s own Gymkhana 7 film the 845bhp monster modified Mustang is entirely custom from the wheels upwards, in fact possibly the only parts that remain from the original donor Mustang is possibly the front grill.

In the recent Grand Theft Auto Online update ‘Cunning Stunts’ Rockstar released a total of 13 cars and bikes all focused towards a more far more hardcore aspect of racing and off-road stunting now available in the game.

As usual Rockstar have held some of the cars back for later gradual release, cue the GTA hacktivists who love to delve into the code of the updates and deliver the news to the internet in record time, now most of the cars featured in GTA online are based on real-world counterparts, finally Ken Block has been given this honour:

Declasse Drift Tampa - GTA Cunning Stunts - 1

Based upon the V-8 powered Declasse Tampa, the now officially released Declasse Drift Tampa clearly taken a massive amount of influence from the formidable Hoonicorn, the huge rear wing, the flared arches and humongous chin spoiler are a dead ringer for Block’s stunt car.

Declasse Drift Tampa - GTA Cunning Stunts - 2

As with the other cars available in the Cunning Stunts update the Drift Tampa gets two available liveries, one of which looks very similar to the Hoonicorn.

Declasse Drift Tampa - GTA Cunning Stunts - 3

Rockstar have made the car available in game as of today for $995,000 for the stock car, give or take fully modded including the car will set you back a cool $1.3 million. GTA online is on a real roll at the moment with lots of new content and stunning cars, the stunt race creator is released on 2nd August 2016.

Want proof of the all-wheel drive set-up:

Declasse Drift Tampa - GTA Cunning Stunts - 4

Now here’s to players being able to create their own ‘Gymkhana’ tributes with the excellent GTA editor……….