Following on from the first reveal trailer earlier this year, the new gameplay trailer looks even more gorgeous, it clearly is like the Gran Turismo titles we know and loves so well, however, the main points to take is that the focus will be on racing using the ‘Driving is For Everyone’ moniker.

Shown here in more depth are the wide and varied online features of the game, along with a more in-depth look at photo mode with which you can create gorgeous stills of the games machinery.

In addition to this, there is mention of the series partnership with the FIA which will host sanctioned championship events. The trailer also features the livery editor in greater detail and it looks stunning, this is something the series has been lacking when pitted against its rivals such as Forza Motorsport.

Also shown at E3 was a 9-minute long gameplay trailer featuring some of the tracks featuring in the game and some of the car modification process, again here the visuals are stunning, here is to hope the final game looks this good.

The question I’m sure you’re asking yourself the most is why is it not November 15th yet!  As the game is still unfinished there are a few issues with this, mainly the fact that the engine sounds feel rather underwhelming and generated, having watched the LeMan 24 hour today it gave me a full insight as to what a race car should sound like, in these trailers however that was lacking somewhat.

We can only hope that Polyphony Digital will continue working on the game and improve on this upon release.