Social media can be a great thing, especially when it pops things like this nugget of human lowness into my feed.

Gofundme Scion FR-S

This is Tyler and he was the proud owner of a 2013 Scion FR-S (American speak for GT86 or BRZ) until the moment the clutch exploded.

So, what did Tyler do to get this his car back on the road, did he grab some tools and jack the car up to fix it himself? Or did he enlist the help of fellow car lovers to help him get it sorted? No, he didn’t. Instead, he put a please on GoFundMe asking for donations to cover the $2,000 to replace his clutch.


“Recently my clutch on my 2013 Scion FR-S decided to explode in an effort to fix it I pushed it 1.5 miles home to my house only to find out that my lease will not allow me to repair it in my driveway. As a pizza delivery driver, my only means of making money is my car. I have attempted to save money but since I have such a large insurance and car payment I have not been able to afford any repairs. Thank you for your support and any extra money will go to cool racecar parts”

Firstly I have to pick a few holes in this sad story if you pushed the FR-S 1.5 miles home why is it pictured on the back of a tow truck?

Also, $2k for a clutch? Is it made from platinum by any chance, or encrusted with unobtanium coating?

It would also appear that GoFundMe users are not very sympathetic at all to Tyler’s plight:

“Sell the car for parts and buy a bicycle. Clutches don’t just “explode” and responsible people don’t beg for money from other people to pay for their foolishness.”

“How much for the wheels?”

“Bro sale that thing and buy a civic…and make sure it’s auto

Basically, this whole appeal smells of bulls**t, for started Tyler has clearly modded his FR-S which makes you wonder of how hard it was being driven before the clutch gave way. Also if you cannot afford to maintain the car, perhaps it’s time to look for something cheaper to run. Or how about some hard work – so that, you know – so you can earn the money to repair it possibly, just a thought.