The Ford Sierra RS Cosworth is a classic these days, time was when people in Essex would get hold of one of these cars and tune it to within an inch of its life, big wheels, big brakes and the biggest dump valve (for scaring passersby) were considered standard by some people.

Now this level of modifications was clearly not enough for one enterprising Frenchman, he thought the exhaust system was too long and complicated, the solution, side exit pipes that will do it!

While making such wise decisions he also decided that a power increase from 220hp to 560hp was in order, lastly the car was too quiet so why not go all out and add the loudest anti-lag system money can buy.

The owner of this car whomever he may be must be completely bonkers and possibly very very deaf, you can see the start marshal covering his ears and wincing in pain as the car gets too loud for comfort, not to mention the crowd at the car takes off from the start line, hilarious viewing if ever I saw it!

So mystery Frenchman whoever you are, I thank you on behalf of the car world for going at least one step too far, possibly two.

Well done to YouTuber  NM2255 for being brave enough to get close enough to something so insanely loud!

If you’re wearing headphones whilst watching this you have been warned……..