Three Ford GT test cars were yesterday caught speeding at speeds of up to 101mph in a 50mph limit. The incident occurred in Glenwood Canyon, Colorado, USA.

Licence and registration please

The test cars had previously been spotted in Colorado during testing and were spotted by a local who was on a bike ride:

An Eagle County sheriff’s deputy assisted the state police in stopping all three Ford GT development cars, according to various news outlets the drivers were ticketed for travelling at speeds of up to 101mph, the speed limit on the road in question is 50mph.

The Vale daily first picked up the news of the multiple stopping of the test cars after a posting on Reddit.

The cars were in the area for high-altitude testing as the development of the all-new Ford GT supercar continues its progress.

Now, whilst I cannot condone speeding, is anyone thinking here they should have gotten away, I mean you’re in a Ford GT, it does 200mph plus. Also, I am not the only one that likes the look of the Ford GT in these drab colours, anyone that orders one in this colour is a hero as far as I am concerned.

How did they not get away?

Ford has approved 500 lucky people to purchase a GT this year; the rest of us can only dream. Prices start at around $400,000. The GT has some of the most stunningly designed bodywork ever featured on a road car.

The GT will  feature a mid-engine twin-turbo 3.5-liter V-6 making producing over  600 hp, carbon-fibre construction and body panels, active aerodynamics, and a seven-speed dual clutch automatic. A further 500 cars are expected to be built in 2018 to 2019.