When a Ford GT boasting 647bhp and a top speed of 216mph isn’t hardcore enough for you, what do you do?

Ford has clearly been asked this question and has now given us the Ford GT Competition Series. The car has been built to commemorate the Ford GT win at the Rolex 24 Hour at Daytona last month.

Hand over a substantial sum of cash for this track focused version and you get less of a car for your money. By less, we mean less weight and lots of it.

The Competition Series is fitted with a Perspex acrylic engine cover, the glass panel separating the driver from the V-6 engine is only half of the thickness used in the standard car.

You also lose all luxuries such as air-conditioning and the sound system has been binned in order to save weight. Add to this a carbonfibre prop rod. Ford claim that these changes will move the balance of the weight lower in the car to improve handling.

The heavy wheels have also been binned in favor of carbonfibre versions; these are attached to the car with lightweight titanium wheel nuts. This titanium usage continues under the car with a full exhaust system.

On the inside, you get lashings of carbonfibre and Alcantara in case you think you’re sitting in a standard Ford GT.  

No word on the actual weight of the Competition Series but using the standard car’s weight of 1,385kg dry. You have to suspect that all of these many changes will allow this enhanced version to shave some tenths off while adding a bit more speed at the top end.

If you live in the US then you can buy one, if not then you can’t as this special version is US only. The Competition Series will also be a limited run which oddly will be available throughout the GT’s production cycle of the next couple of years.

So, this or the standard car?