The RS500 has been rumoured for months now, various sightings have been widely reported of a test mule being lapped at the Nurburgring, but now I bring you sad news, the RS500 may be dead.

A report in Autocar states that there is no place for a 400bhp track orientated version of the RS, the reason being that in the USA it could steal sales away from Ford’s more powerful models such at the GT350. This concern has led to the American Ford dealer network questioning if they even want to sell the car at all.


Given that the USA is Ford’s biggest market and as part of global model range the RS500 would have to fit into a majority if not all of Ford’s biggest markets to be green-lit for production, a reduced market sector would lead to a reduced R&D budget which would most likely lead to the RS500 being dead on arrival and never making it past the testing stage.

Here in Europe this would be less of an issue as Ford simply don’t give us their most powerful variants, whilst according to Autocar the RS500 is not dead yet but the chances of seeing it in showrooms in the near future seem to be bleak.


At a recent test event I met with some of Ford’s press people, when I enquired about the RS500 being an actual thing they simply didn’t confirm or deny the car being in development or not, I have heard from a current RS owner that he had been allowed by an unnamed Ford dealer in the UK to place a deposit on one, if this is true then he will be getting his money back for sure.

Whilst the RS500 project is not dead yet, the source talking to Autocar gives a 30 percent chance of it being built, sad news indeed, make us happy Ford and build it, the world will be a happier place with an RS500……