The last generation of the RS500 was a swansong for the 2nd-gen Focus RS, available in matte black finish only with a production run of 500 units only, possessing a 345bhp five-pot engine. As recently reported here on TCR the Ford Focus RS500 is expected to make a return having been seen testing on the Nürburgring in recent weeks.

The RS500 will be one of a total of twelve high-performance models coming from Ford by 2020, Ford Performance In Germany is responsible for the development of the new extreme RS500, expectations are that it will produce around 400bhp which would give it a sufficient power hike over the standard model. Whilst testing does appear making strong progress so expect to see the RS500 gracing the roads of the UK in the near future.

Ford Focus RS500 - 3

An alleged source close to the development team has been spilling their guts to Autocar who quoted that the RS500 “is not genuinely green-lighted, but the desire exists to have a star in the RS and ST range”.

The test mule seen lapping the Nürburgring appears to have larger bonnet intakes to cram in the additional air required to feed the additional power-hike, in addition to this the mule is clearly sporting a larger rear wing to keep all that extra power in check in the twisty stuff.

Ford Focus RS500

The revised version of the 2.3-litre EcoBoost motor is expected to produce 400bhp, this should allow it to run the 0-62 dash in 4.2 seconds, this brings the RS500 directly into a bare-knuckle fight with the Audi RS3 and the Mercedes A45 AMG, both of which run a 0-62 in 4.3 & 4.2 seconds respectively.

Now the nasty business of the numbers, given that the current Focus starts at around £32k, expect the RS500 to include most if not all of the standard RS’s kit as standard, with the extra power and tech onboard, prices should start at around £45k which is still pretty reasonable given the amount of performance you get for your money.

Rivals Volkswagen have yet to finish their R400 Golf which seems to have disappeared off the development radar since being spotted ring testing in mid-2015.

Regardless of this, the world of hot hatches has never been so buoyant with a large choice of everyday usable genuine performance cars available. The RS500 should be an absolute weapon and will stake a huge claim as the king of hot hatches.