The Ford Focus RS has become the poster child for the Super Hatch movement, it brought many things to the table with its arrival earlier this year, drift mode is one of those things, most of us love this feature unless you’re a very angry and very small minded idiot Australian that is.

Now, some things you may not like about the Focus RS, that turning circle, it’s huge, you will need a very large amount of space to pull a simple u-turn. The rear visibility could be better, the lack of a spare wheel, I mean if you get a proper puncture you are calling for a tow truck as that gunk stuff does not work at all, not ever.

Do you know what, I don’t care about any of these things, I still want one as my next daily driver, I am driving one in the next few days and I know that when I leave it I will be sad. I daily drive a standard Focus Zetec S, I have 18’s fitted so no spare wheel, the rear view is a bit cramped but this is what parking sensors were invented for, the turning circle is just peachy as I don’t have all-wheel drive.

All of these issues are meaningless, look at what you’re getting for your money, a hugely powered hatchback that you can use every day that can be a bit of a pain if you get a flat, want to go backwards or need to turnaround, boo fucking hoo, you’ve got one of the great performance Ford’s, live with it and remember that each time you get behind the wheel you will smile due to the fact that you are in a great car.

Now please find the reason for all my defensiveness, Mr Regular reviews the Ford Focus RS: