The Ford Focus RS is a great car from the off, it will go down as one of the great cars to wear the blue oval. With a trick four-wheel drive setup and a hugely powerful 345bhp motor, super-agile handling, you have to think, what more could Ford do to improve it. For some owners, the fact that the RS came with an open front differential and could only be specced in five colors gave rise to a small amount of dissatisfaction. Owners voiced such concerns in various online forums and Ford has listened to them. The result of this feedback is the Focus RS Limited Edition.

The Focus RS Limited Edition rectifies these two minor gripes by making the RS the car that it should have been in the first place – now, you get a limited slip differential at the front, and a stunning new paint color dubbed “Race Red”. This Limited Edition is intended to be a farewell to the Focus RS as it nears the end of its production run in late 2018.

This Limited Edition model features a number extras over the standard car, on the outside you get the choices of either Race Red or Nitrous Blue paintwork, these colors are complemented by black mirror surrounds, a black roof, a black spoiler On the inside the extras continue with a number of carbon fibre pieces of trim. The car also includes a number of optional extras as standard, the black forged wheels are included, and you also get the “RS2” package which includes heated power Recaro seats, heated mirrors, a heated steering wheel, and voice-activated navigation.

Sadly, this Limited Edition RS is destined for 1500 cars only, 1000 of which will go to the USA with 500 going across the border to Canada. No word from Ford UK on if we will get something similar here or not. Given that Ford gave the world the matte black Focus RS500 as a swansong to the previous generation; we remain hopeful that they may well give us a special parting gift in the form of a Focus RS specced similarly.

The owners of the Focus RS spoke, and Ford listened, the power of the internet is alive and well after all.