The Ford Fiesta ST has been available in the UK exclusively as a three-door hatchback since launch; however, if you live in the USA you can only have it in a five-door layout. Now Ford has finally turned up late to the party and given us the five-door Fiesta ST, a proper hot-hatch with a little bit more practicality.


For the small amount of an additional £600 Ford will let you have the ST with an extra pair of doors, you cannot deny that the five-door is not perhaps as dynamic looking as the three-door model, but it will broaden the appeal by allowing people who need five doors, such as breeders who have small human beings called ‘children’ to buy an ST and not have their small human beings stuck in the car due to the lack of rear of doors.

Mechanically the five-door ST is identical to its less family friendly sibling; power is 179bhp, with 177lbft of torque. The extra weight from the extra doors though causes a slight drop in fuel economy to 46.3mpg from 47.9mpg which are figures calculated in a lab which if you drive this car as it should be driven you will never get near these numbers.


Also, sadly the extra weight means the CO2 goes up slightly by a seal-clubbing 3g/km, meaning that you will have to pay £145 instead of £130 to drive it on the UK’s roads.

Ford estimate that the new five-door model will make up around 25% of sales here in the UK, I think it will be more than that as breeders everywhere will be drawn to this thing as one of the best hot hatches you can buy just got a little bit better.


If you’re American and are wondering if this means that you will finally get the three-door ST in the USA, sorry you won’t, go away. You will have to do what we did, moan until Ford listens and give you the three-door model.

We but hope that Ford may give us a five-door version of its storming ST200, or we could just moan about it until they give in.