As quickly as the all-new Honda NSX flew out of showrooms one has been crashed. This sorry looking Acura (Honda’s US luxury brand name) is now available for sale with a full salvage title.

No details have emerged (read details, as video, pictures etc) of what happened to the stricken NSX, expect though that the words ‘watch this’ and the deactivation of the traction systems was involved, which was then closely followed by ‘oh s**t’.

Running Out Of Skill

The problem with supercars is that most owners don’t have the skill set to match the power level. Even with all the sophisticated systems designed by exotic carmakers in an attempt to stop owners binning them, these systems whilst very effective cannot prevent the small number of accidents that occur when the driver runs out of skill.

Aside from the destroyed front-end and the fact that the airbags have deployed (confirming the car was carrying some speed at impact) this NSX could be otherwise salvageable having only covered 7,300 miles before being binned.

Expensive And Complex

There are many downsides in attempting salvage and rebuild an exotic like this NSX, the front, and rear end cosmetic damage for a start, the panels alone could cost a fair whack before you even get paint on them. Not to mention that there could be structural damage hidden away under that once pristine bodywork. This combined with the replacing of such items as the airbags and other such expensive items could prove a tough task.

The NSX is a high-tech machine capable of huge speed, if any part of the complex drive train has been damaged in any way then it could be game over entirely for this car, remembering that front end does hold part of the hugely complex electric motor setup.

Somehow after a clearly heavy impact, the car does drive and move under its own power. Given that the Acura NSX costs a staggering $200,000 plus, someone is likely to take a chance on it with the hope that it will see the open road again.