Having played all of the Gran Turismo games in the last two decades or so, one brand of car has always been omitted, Porsche was always absent in a game that features pretty much every car you could ever think of.

No More Need For Speed

Now, thanks to the end of Porsche’s exclusive deal with EA and their Need For Speed Series, you will finally be able to buy and race a Porsche in Gran Turismo’s rich digital racing landscape.

The news was officially announced via the official Playstation account along with an invite to sign up for the beta testing (if you have not done this, then what are you waiting for), I have an invite and will post my views on the game very soon, assuming I leave the house during the ‘testing’ period that is.

911 GT3 RS Is Coming

No official word on the models that will be included but expect much flat-six goodness including the 991.1 GT3 RS, this is only due to the fact that it’s the only car shown to us. I would expect to see the GT4 and hopefully the 911 R with all that manual goodness. We can even hope that Gran Turismo gives us some classic Porsche’s to modify to bring out your inner Magnus Walker, however as Walker appears in the last Need For Speed game this likely won’t happen.

Assuming that Sony and Polyphony Digital actually finish the damn game, expect to be finally racing a Porsche on your PS4 at some point in 2017.