The Ferrari LaFerrari Aperta is the automotive world’s best-kept secret, if you were lucky enough to be invited to the private unveiling event then you were likely in the market to buy one of the rumoured 150 upcoming examples.

Aside from a few official Ferrari press shots nothing has been seen of the LaFerrari Aperta, until now that is, the guys at Supercars All Day spotted this Aperta in all its naked glory taking part in an official  film shoot in Spain:

The clip reveals the LaFerrari Aperta in both roofless form and with its carbon fibre roof in place, the assumption being you have to get your butler to hold the roof for you whilst you drive from your super yacht to your super-mansion on the French Rivera.

No actual details have been revealed so far, but you can expect the Aperta version of the car to maintain its 950bhp motor from its sibling along with all the hybrid motor trickery, all of this should mean a 217mph top speed if you’re brave enough, to this end Ferrari give you both a soft top alongside a carbon fibre hard top, sensible thinking would suggest you use the carbon top for any 200mph+ runs just in case you lose the soft version. Also, Ferrari has claimed the Aperta version has matching aerodynamic properties to the hard top LaFerrari which is an engineering achievement in itself.

You can’t see this yet, not until Paris 2016

Whilst pricing and the amount of cars being built remains unconfirmed, all the rumours point to 150 cars costing a hell of a lot of money each, considering a few of the LaFerrari coupe’s have sold for in excess of $5 million at auction, expect this Aperta version to be even more expensive.

The Ferrari LaFerrari will make it’s long awaited debut at the 2016 Paris Motor Show at the end of September.