The Italian carmaker has unveiled a celebration of their 70 years of rich history by delving into their greatest hits catalogue to give us some modern hommage’s to the company’s rich history. The 70th-anniversary logo will only feature on a limited number of cars.

The first to receive this honour is the LaFerrari Aperta, Ferrari’s latest and possibly greatest hypercar now without its roof and combined with even greater technology and rarity than ever before.

The 70th-anniversary range features unique individual liveries across five models from the current Ferrari range, these cars will be limited to 70 units each, giving the world a total of 350 unique and sought after cars. If you want one, then too bad, as usual, they are already sold so go away.

Ferrari introduced some of these glorious looking liveries at the Paris Motor Show so that people could drool over what they cannot have, on display were the “Stirling” F12berlinetta, “Schumacher” 488 GTB, “Steve McQueen” California T, the “Green Jewel” 488 Spider or the 1953 375 MM-based 488 Spider featuring a three-layer Bianco Italia exterior.

The F12berlinetta “Stirling” is my pick, why because it’s a goddam F12 that’s why. This F12 is inspired by the Stirling Moss driven 250 GT Berlinetta SWB, a former winner of the Tourist Trophy in 1961 no less. The F12 sets itself apart by being adorned in a Blue Scuro racing livery including fabulous horizontal white stripe and number roundel to finish off the stunning looks.

ferrari-70th-anniv-models-paris-11“The Schumacher” is the formidable 488 GTB, this is an homage to the F2003-GA F1 car that took home the Constructors’ title back in 2003 with Michael Schumacher behind the wheel, sadly the famous ‘Marlboro’ logos are missing but the livery does have that effect on you as it’s stunning.

ferrari-70th-anniv-models-paris-3As for the California T “Steve McQueen” and 488 Spider “Green Jewel”, the former is inspired by 1963 250 GT Berlinetta Lusso which McQueen was famed for driving coast to coast in the USA whenever he decided he wanted to simply find himself.  The 488 “Green Jewel” features the signature green livery of a British David Piper Racing team 365 P2.

ferrari-70th-anniv-models-paris-4 ferrari-70th-anniv-models-paris-6

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