Today the BBC broke the very sad news that a 13-year old boy was killed when the Ferrari F50 he was travelling in crashed in Hampshire.

The tragic accident took place on access road between Newlyns and Lodge Farms at North Warnborough, near Hook. The 13-year old boy who was from Winchester was pronounced dead at the scene, a 37-year old man from Surrey was taken to Hospital with serious injuries.

Ferrari F50 – Stock Photo

Police are still investigating the exact circumstances of the accident that led to the tragic death and injury.

The location of the accident has several garages located nearby, at this time it’s unknown where the F50 originated from.

F50 Crash

The Ferrari F50 is a 4.7 litre powered V12, 349 cars were produced between 1995 and 1997, the F50 has often been spoken of a difficult car to drive at the limit as it was for all intents and purposes a Ferrari race car with numberplates.

We are sending out thoughts to the family of the boy who was killed and hoping that the injured driver makes a full recovery, tragic news indeed……….


The Daily Mail has reported that the 13-year old boy who was tragically killed in the crash has been named as Alexander Worth from Kings Worthy.

The F50 was believed to have been driven by 37 year-old Matt Cobden who is currently being treated at North Hampshire Hospital where his condition is described as stable.

Cobden is the owner of Toy Stor-Age, a storage garage for luxury and classic cars. The rural location of the accident took place on the access road to this facility.

In further developments, TheDrive has reported via a Pistonheads forum post, a now censored post demonstrating the horrific scale of the events as they occurred:

As far as I know at the moment, the mother and child were waiting at a car dealership where their friend was delivering some batteries. The kid saw the [car] there and asked the garage owner to sit in it. He replied that he could do one better and take him for a drive. They got less than a minute away beforethe mother, still waiting at the garage, heard a crash. She was the first on the scene and tried to resuscitate her son to no avail. The driver is apparently still alive, just. I’m not in possession of too many facts at the moment but from what I hear the crash is presumed to be a result of driver error. An awful tragedy, and one that makes me think. I for one at some point have taken someone else’s young lad out and given it ‘the beans’, albeit that I try to mitigate risk I think I’ll think twice before doing that again. For the driverssake I hope he doesn’t make it, I’m not sure I could live with the burden. R.I.P. young man.

Overall I can only determine that this was an utterly tragic loss of a very young life, out thoughts go out to the Worth family and all those affected by this tragedy.