If you are a Ferrari fan and of a nervous disposition then look away now: yes, that is a Ferrari F40 that has clearly been on fire quite a lot.


Run outside now and put your flag to half mast, observe a minute’s silence and then put on your black armband as the F40 may be dead never to be seen on the road again.

This F40 story was made public via a post on Ferrari Chat, it apparently had just undergone full restoration work and was on its first drive when it caught fire, no further details or the fire have been revealed but we just hope that everyone involved was unhurt.


Spare a thought for the poor owner of this F40 who clearly has had some sort of terrible curse placed upon them or has walked under many ladders whilst smashing many mirrors to bring about this much bad luck.

As you can see in the pictures and video, virtually all of the beautiful carbon bodywork has perished in the fire, according to Forum poster ‘PAUL500’ the F40 has been recovered into the centre he is employed at. From here my guess would be that the car or at least what remains of it will be appraised by the insurance loss people and a decision will be made to confirm if the remains will be scrapped entirely with any useable parts being stripped off for use on other cars.


Given that Ferrari managed to restore an Enzo after it was split into two pieces following a high-speed accident on the Pacific Coastal Highway in California in 2006, there could yet be hope that this F40 could live again.

However here in the UK where the car is registered, if the car is deemed to be a total loss and is written off (deemed no longer repairable) then it could very well sadly be the end of the road for the F40 which would be a tragedy indeed.