The Ferrari F12 TDF is one of the Italian carmakers great cars, it’s a car that will go down in history as one of those moments when Ferrari absolutely got it right and produced a car that raised the benchmark for supercars.

The F12 TDF with its 769bhp motor can get from 0-200km/h (125mph) in a mere 7.9 seconds with a top speed of 340km/h (211mph), the F12 TDF is currently the fastest production Ferrari you can buy until they unleash the LaFerrari Aperta upon an unsuspecting world.

If you can afford to buy one then you should of course take it to a track to slay all other cars, just think of the poor people that turned up at the Red Bull Ring in Austria, spotted the F12 TDF and thought “shit, I should have stayed in bed in my mansion/taken my helicopter out/taken my yacht out instead”, you get the picture of dismay, am I right.

In this clip we see the formidable F12 TDF passing the likes of McLaren and Porsche’s finest cars and then some, this F12 TDF in the dark blue with grey accents is staggeringly good to look at, even better is the accompanying V-12 soundtrack.

Get comfortable, sit back and enjoy the awesome V-12 powered symphony of the Ferrari F12 TDF.