Ferrari’s were designed to be driven but these days only a handful of owners will actually drive their Ferrari’s as they can be driven, the late Steve McQueen was one such owner who thought nothing of driving his Ferrari 275 GTB/4 from coast to coast across the US. These days however aside from the Gumball 3000 you are most likely to find Ferrari owners driving slowly around Mayfair or Monaco rather than using these cars for what they were designed for.

I recently profiled a very rare Ferrari 599 GTB with a manual gearbox that had been put up for sale. YouTube Car blogger Marchettino was lucky enough to get his hands on a super rare 6-speed manual Ferrari 599 GTB while being along for a ‘test’ drive.

As I wrote previously there are only 30 of these V12 manual 599 GTB’s were ever built with only 10 making their way to Europe. This therefore is a super rare car and the price tag of EUR 450,000 pretty much makes it a bargain for the rarity.

When you watch the video listen out for the growling of the V12 motor and the gorgeous powerslides. One of the greatest parts is the gated gear shifter, listen out for the metal on metal click that accompanies every gear change.

Gallery – Click an image for full screen:

Just a stunning car I hope you will agree.