Whilst Jeremy Clarkson may not be to everyone’s taste, having been ousted from the BBC following the punching incident last year, Clarkson rightly apologised for his actions and has now gone on to bigger and greater things in the form the hotly anticipated show ‘The Grand Tour’.

Sorry Jezza, this was the best picture I could find

Clarkson’s former show Top Gear has suffered in the wake of his departure despite its success of bringing Chris Harris and Rory Reid into mainstream television.
The former BBC director general Mark Thompson has admitted in an interview with the Sunday Times Magazine, firing Jeremy Clarkson was a mistake;

“Clarkson can be a deeply objectionable individual, and I say that as a friend,” Thompson told the Sunday Times.

“I don’t think people should punch their colleagues. It’s hard to keep them if they do.”

He added: “But I would say his pungent, transgressive, slightly out-of-control talent was something the BBC could ill afford to lose.

“He spoke to people who didn’t find much else in the BBC.”

Let’s be honest here, if you punch a colleague and keep your job then there is something wrong unless of course, you own the company in question then you can do whatever you want (kidding).

Whilst Top Gear has suffered, it’s not all bad news, we now have a true rival for Top Gear in the form of The Grand Tour which has to be good news for car fans around the world.

The Grand Tour starts later in October 2016, Top Gear season 24 starts filming in September 2016 so plenty of car related television to look forward to………..