Unless you have been living in a cave recently you will be aware that very tall and very mechanically wise Edd China has departed the much loved show Wheeler Dealers.

While I won’t go into all the major details here, the saga mainly revolves around the reduction of Edd’s parts in the program which prompted him to leave, add to the Mike Brewer calling him a traitor on Twitter and you have all the scandal of a Top Gear presenter punching someone because there was no hot food available.

As with every departure from a job it’s time for Edd to go and clear out his desk of full of spanners and possibly a cockney translation book that he used to understand what Mike was actually on about, in this clip Edd has traveled to California to gather his belongings and his P45.

Wheeler Dealers has always been a great show, the duo have rescued some great cars over the years and it’s a sad thing to see them go their separate ways. Edd himself is undoubtedly mechanically wise, in fact, just recently I found myself using his advice from the show to attach number plates to my own car. Here’s to hoping that we see Edd China back on our screens very soon.