A film from Carmax’s most feared enemy Doug Demuro. As you may be aware Doug has recently purchased a small city runaround in the form of a Hummer H1 which is seen here not being very bothered by the shitty roads of Philly.


So far Doug’s Hummer adventures has included being left nasty notes by his neighbours in regards to the size of his Hummer, he also may have driven it onto the worst car ever made the Chrysler PT Criuser for which we are thankful for, good work Doug!.


Here is Doug off-roading in Philly no less, or is he simply parking?.


Among other gems in this film is when Doug either under advisement or in a amazing lapse of common sense decides to drive the worlds biggest car into the worlds smallest parking garage.


As a final highlight here is Doug attempting to drive the worlds largest car down the worlds smallest street with success and without demolishing any of Philly’s buildings.

Great work I am sure you agree, I however challenge Mr Doug Demuro to drive a Hummer H1 through Durham town center in the UK as its so bloody narrow!.