DriveClub was meant to be a stand-out moment for the PlayStation 4, after many delays the game was finally released to mixed reviews, the free PlayStation Plus version was almost two years late to launch, as a result of this Sony decided to close the studio that bought us the game.

Soon this will be even more real

In the years since its release, DriveClub has improved somewhat with a vast array of DLC which has given us many new cars and tracks which have helped establish it as a leading driving-sim on the PS4.

Now as a way of a final farewell from the team at Evolution, they have given us a parting gift in the form of DriveClub VR.

PlayStation access have been test-driving the new version and it looks utterly amazing, watching this clip you get the feeling that this is what VR is destined to do, actually placing you in the car as you trade paint with your racing rivals, placing you right in the middle of the action as you propel to huge speeds in a supercar.

The game has been in development for more than a year, included in the release will be significant enhancements, new content and VR specific features:

  • Game modes:Online virtual reality multiplayer race modes and an action-packed single player career are joined by drifting and time trial challenges.
  • Tracks:New and classic Driveclub tracks are brought to life through the power of PlayStation VR, including five all-new Urban locations.
  • A closer look:More than 80 cars are recreated with immaculate detail for players to explore up close with Inspection Mode.
  • Cruise control:A little time to kick back, open the throttle or just coast and explore any track, in any country at your leisure in Cruise Mode.
  • Virtual passenger:An immersive thrill ride through exciting replays of hot laps as players watch themselves handle their greatest challenges from a unique viewpoint in Passenger Mode.

The best news, however, if you already own a copy of DriveClub, the former Evolution developer Paul Rustchynsky has confirmed via Twitter that the new VR tracks will be added to the standard game via a DLC at some point.

DriveClub VR is confirmed to be a PlayStation VR launch title, the release date is 13 October 2016 or 17 October 2016 dependant on where you live in the world.