Nissan has created this stunning one-off police-liveried GT-R for the upcoming New York motor show.  No more will overweight US Police officers in Crown Victoria’s be shown on national television having a crash while attempting to chase fleeing thieves, except a minor problem, Nissan won’t make it so there is no chance of seeing it in service.

Ready For The Front Line

To make the GT-R front-line ready, Nissan have added full patrol kit in form of a full compliment of emergency lights, bull bars for the ramming of fleeing criminals, this special GT-R is also shod in what appears to be beefed up wheels for the traversing of high kerbs and other such obstacles that the average police officer may come across when in pursuit of justice.

Assuming a potential criminal wants to try their luck with this police car, they will need something very quick to put run the 562bhp produced by the V6 twin- turbo motor.

Keeping Up With Billionaire Playboys

Since the R35 was launched, a very small handful of police forces has used the GT-R in front-line action, Dubai police are one such force, but would you expect anything less when you’re up against supercar playboy billionaires in the desert.

If this dream police car ever becomes a reality then whatever you do, don’t run, because you will not stand a chance.




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